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Probably the cheapest with memorable tour!

Map-pin-grey Kyoto, Japan

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Probably the cheapest with memorable tour!

COST - I would only need the cost which I need to pay for our trip. Thus, I will cash back to you if there is any balance.

I would ask you what you want to do and suggest you some plans. There are many options such as experience tea ceremony, join Japanese cooking class, join Japanese craft class, Japanese language class, rent a bike etc

Please note I am not well experienced tour guide. (I used to be a professional tour guide taking clients abroad.) I am afraid I am not able to provide you historical back ground information of places we visit. So please take me as someone who can accompany you during your trip for translation, cultural introduction, direction guidance etc. However as my previous job was tour planning, I am more happy to assist you to plan a tour with you. Also, if you would like me to accompany you outside Kyoto, it is also possible.

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Mari was very helpful and quick in her response. The information she provided helped me to decide what to do with my time in Kyoto. It's a pity I wasn't able to meet with her personally but perhaps one day in the future. Thanks, Mari!


: US$5 / Person
: Kyoto, Japan
: 4 hours

About LocalHost

I accompany your trip. I plan a trip (including each time duration & each cost) for you, I book hotels/tours/activities for you, I give you information you look for, I be your emergency call receiver etc Let me know what you look for.

So far, I have been hosting friends from italy, france, china, russia, japan, america etc and walking or biking around the town near my home. I love traveling new countries by myself, knowing different view towards living life! Traveled 35 countries mainly by backpacking.

NOTICE: I am happy to help you to plan Japan tours by asking your preference. As I wil be contributing time for you, I will need to charge some for this. Please give me a message with what kind of service you need. I will let you know the fee upon your detail. Minimum charge 5 USD.

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