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Language: English, Français, Bahasa Malaysia, Bahasa Indonesia

My life is awesome. Je parle Anglais, Malais et Francais. Je ne suis pas gross. Je suis juste un pue ronde et mignon! <3

I have given up life and yet I'm optimistic! how contradicting! Rayyan loves anything to do with Green Tea especially Green Tea Grande from Starbucks. He is a very open-minded person and if you are not, you are please to leave this page. He can accept insults coz he has been living with it since his lifetime. He loves English rather than his own mother tongue. This Fb might have a lot of cursing and emo-ing stuffs yet that is not the real him. He hope that you'll enjoy reading and hanging here. :)

P/s: whatever happens: keep walking, keep talking, keep smiling.. =)

Work and Education:

  • Rayyan Haries Si Traveler Comel · Travel Writer/Blogger · Jan 2008 to present · The world is my office, I take flight, train, bus, car and walk everywhere to work.

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