Female Seha



Language: English, Bahasa Malaysia

Hi guys! you can call me SEHA". I'm a student from university of malaya. I live in Kuala Lumpur and my hometown is in Selangor. My family come from Jawa ethnic, so that I can speak and understand Java as well. My study area in university is East Asia studies and focusing on Korea. We're learn Korean Language and I can basically understand Korean language, cultures and economic. My favorite activity is travelling. I just starting this hobby when I first visit Republic of Korea in 2011. Then I started to explore inside and outside country like Singapore and Indonesia. I always planning a trip especially with my friends. We still young and active, so that I don't want to waste my youth's life with only studying and connecting with local people. I want to explore more and hoping someday I can travel all around the world. As I become deeply interested in this activity, I realized that meeting and knowing the local people is the best way you can enjoy your vacation. There's lot of advantages we can get if we have acquaintances from other country. It also can reduce the travel cost, maximize your trip true experiences. So, what are we waiting for, start looking your buddy to be your travel guider.

Work and Education:

  • University of Malaya · Class of 2013
  • Pusat Asasi Sains UM (PASUM) · Class of 2009
  • Simpang Lima Islamic Secondary School · Class of 2008
  • SMKA Simpang Lima · Class of 2008

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