Hi, I am Japanese traveler :) I have never been to Kuala Lumpur. Where is the best local spot you do recommend in Kuala Lumpur?? I wanna try something other than those written on the travel guide books. Thanks :D


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Hi Gaku,
I'm Elle!
Well, the guide books cover almost everything but even then, there are lots of places to see & things to do & try when you are here.
You should go sightseeing in Chinatown area & visit the old temples and craft centre located there.
Also, you will get the chance to try some unique Malaysian fruit there.
Enjoy your stay! :)

Ya you mus go to Chinatown, eat the Malaysian local food like nasi lemak, roti canai...and got visit pasar seni for cultural stuff

After visiting kuala lumpur, if you have time you shld even go to malacca and penang.. To see the historical places..search in website for this two state in malaysia.

When you are coming ? I am going to tokyo too by this august. Maybe we can meet up 1st in kuala lumpur,so that I can guide you around kuala lumpur. :-)

Thank you guys!!
I really want to go Malaysia!!

But so sorry, I have not decided my plan to go Kuala lumpur. I wish I visit there in this year! So if I fix my trip, I ask you!

Cathy>>When you come to Tokyo, let me know! I can show you unique and authentic Japan! Bring you around Tokyo! I am waiting for you ;) Thanks!

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wow!! Surprisingly ..
Hey!! Gaku-san..
I really didn't notice earlier
I just randomly browsing.. and I saw you here! haha
(:ja mata

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Hey Gaku!
Sorry for the late reply...

Definitely, there are a few must see spots in Kuala Lumpur (K.L.) but sometimes certain spots are best visited during a special time in the year.
So, if you know when you're coming to K.L. , I'm sure we could guide you better.
I'd recommend Chinatown to see the old Chinese temples & for some souvenir shopping at the nearby Central Market.
Then you should visit Batu Caves where you can experience climbing up lots of stairs to enter a cave which holds a Hindu temple...And then you should definitely try some delicious Chinese food along Alor Street.
Hope you make it to K.L. soon. :)

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