Wamena Papua Indonesia



Language: Bahasa Indonesia, English

Hello Dear Travelers
My Name is Onesius Lokobal Baliem Valley Wamena Papua Indonesia. I was born in this area. I live in Baliem Valley. I'm a local guide in Baliem Valley. i work on my own company called "Baliem valley Tour Guide".

My Language focus: Indonesia-English and Region language.
My Tours Offer;Trekking, hiking, Jungle Tour Trails, Camping, Camping, Adventure and Culture.
The place of tour offer
a.Trekking Around Baliem Valley:
-Trekking Southern of Baliem Valley
- Trekking Northern of Baliem Valley
- Trekking Western of Baliem Valley
- Trekking Eastern of Baliem Valley
b. Trekking out of Baliem valley
-Trekking Yali Region / Yali Tribes
- Trekking Lani Region/Lani Tribe Northern of Baliem Valley

c. Trekking the other place of Papua
- Trekking Yahukimo-Asmat-Korowai Region
- Trekking Sentani lake of Jayapura

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