Male Eldad

Jakarta, Indonesia



Language: English, Bahasa Indonesia, Français

Hii, My Name's Eldad Zondag,
you're freely to call me Eldad, El, or Zondag
My Chinese Name's 刘羿阳 (liú yì yáng) It's given by my friend in Changsa, China (Thanks in advance friend)

I'm a Christian.

If y'all would like to visit Jakarta,Indonesia,
feel free contact me to ask me something or need guide to travel Jakarta

I'm a simple person, i'm willing to learn and always looking for something new i'd like interesting.

I wanna have a lot of friends as much as i could, I don't care whether they're asian or caucasian, wherever they're, the religion they faith, the language they speak, the nationality they had they can be my friend and it's gonna be pleasure for me to become their friend.

I'm still a college student at STMIK JAYAKARTA, Jakarta,Indonesia
Majoring Informatics Engineering. and right now, i'm in the 6th semester

I'd like to communicate with a lot of people, make a friend and share something i could share with them. I'm interesting about the languages, and culture also.
for me, language and culture aren't only the arts we could enjoy but also an identity of yourself.

Work and Education:

  • Jayakarta Informatics and Engineering School · Class of 2013
  • STMIK JAYAKARTA · Class of 2009
  • Aksineas Acting for Film School · Class of 2007
  • SMAN 43 Jakarta · Class of 2007

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