Unforget jakarta Holiday 1

Unforget jakarta Holiday

Map-pin-grey Jakarta, Indonesia

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1. The Introduction and the visit to the remains of “VOC Inner Hospital 1640”. We also observe the remains of the old city wall
2. Groote Rivier West, the town of Jayawikarta and observations on the 18 century buildings
visit D’Cour Hotel
3. The tour to Jalan Tongkol “Oostzijde Graan Pakhuizen” and a full observe 6 meters high of the remains of the eastern city wall , on the way to; we will indicate the location of Padrao stone and pass the Amsterdamse Poort
4. We will have Europen (Dutch) lunch with a background of old Dutch songs at Jl; Pakin, on the “Timmerwerf” VOC Café (
5. And later visit the Westzyde Pakhuizen (Museum Bahari)
6. Including the “Uitkijk Toren”
We will leave the city of Batavia through the previous “Javasche Gragt” (jl. Pakin) and enter the city through the Utrechsche Gragt (jl. Kopi
9. We past the Rinoceros gragt (jl. Tiang Bendera), where important building such as the Weeshuis (orphanage), the Spin huis(Spin house)and the Chineesche Hospital is located.
And finally stop at the the “ Hoenden Brug” (Jembatan Kota Intan) in the West Bank of the Great River and indicate the location of the Chicken Market and the Vegetable Market
11. Finally we will enter the Ceramic and Art Museum building, to observe how the Dutch Architecture can solve the problem heat and high humidity in the tropical condition.

12. Finally we will have a small discussion to benefit all our observations and information from different angles to finally conclude our tour. Light meals and drink will accompany us all.

Price include :
* Transport
* Tour Guide
* Meals
* Suuvenir


: US$50 / Person
: Jakarta, Indonesia
: 6 h 30 min.

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