I'm Japanese, going to Jakarta first time from Feb 9 to Feb 11.

And, I'd like to have a whole day tour around Jakarta on Feb 10.

Is there any host who are available on Feb 10?

I will arrive in Jakarta at night on Feb 9,
stay a hotel near Polda Metro Jaya and
leave Jakarta for Tokyo at morning on Feb 11.

I'd like to visit historical, cultural and urbanized sights.
(For example, MONAS, Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, Wisma 46)
Moreover, I'd like to go shopping and have some local food.

I plan to book some activity out of the respondents.

Please let me know if you are interested.



Stringio Maya
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Hello Motohiro-san, I'm available at Feb 10. But before that, for your interest sites, for MONAS is OK, we can arrange but for Taman Mini we will need one whole day to explore it (and it still wont enough). Bcoz you staying at central jakarta, i recommend you to visit MONAS and surroundings Museums, citysquare, markets, plaza, etc. Btw i learned Japanese at University but its been a while since i used it so it'll be nice if i can show you around Jakarta and do some Nihongo no renshuu XD

Stringio Maya
3 activities

I'm soooo SORRY, Feb 10th I AM NOT available. It's Chinese New Year day, Sorrry. My bad.

Hello Maya-san,

Don't worry about it.

I appreciate your interest in Japan and useful information about Jakarta.


Stringio Irma
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Hi Motohiro san... My name is Irma, Maya's friend. Maya told me that you need guidance or a day. Please let me know if you still searching for a guide. You can contact me from inbox message in my facebook.

Hi Irma-san,

Thanks for your offer.

But, I found the other guide.

If I need your help urgently, I will ask your help.


Stringio Irma
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your welcome Motohiro san :D

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