Hi, I'm an American student traveling to Indonesia in February (I think).
I want to get outside of the city and see some of the countryside.
Is that possible in Jakarta? Or should I go to Bali instead?


hi there!!! it's honour for me to know u wants to visited my country,especially jakarta...jakarta as one as metropolitan town in indonesia, many cultural that u can find here, from lokal cultural until europe cultural is on..yeah so package ur bag n just go here....see u

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first go to city of jakarta and then go to bali ...

Do you want outside of city, I suggested to Bandung, Jogya and Bali

Many place you will easy to reach outside Jakarta, such as: Puncak, Bogor. Kawah Putih, Bandung. And others. You also can meet some interesting village with traditional live style here. I think you should not to Bali, because although you are in Jakarta, there is many interesting place same as Bali.

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hi Grace, actually Jakarta and Bali hve their own uniques things. it's depend on you, if you like beach, want to surf and love cultural life,i suggest you to go to Bali. but, if you want to see city life of Indonesia and histories you can see Jakarta,beside that you can reach place outside jakarta like Bandung, Puncak with mountain view

try to visit east java , and i'll help you..real indonesia. its near bali

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