Hi I am planning to come to Jakarta for 2-3 days in January. Do you know anywhere cheap and good to stay in Jakarta as I am coming by myself? Also I just want to see the city and any main places really and eat amazing food. What do you recommend?


i recommend you to visit Yogyakarta city after Jakarta.Yogyakarta is the part of Indonesia..you will find many kinds of culture heritage here...u must be surprised..:)

Hi Chika, i recommend to go to Kota Tua, it surrounded by museums and old building. also to Monas, the centre of Jakarta.

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i recommend you go to ancol beach, monas national monument and many more..

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i recommended you to stay in Hotel coz it will be more comfortable... lots of amazing places in here... we have lots of malls where you can try some indonesian foods in there, "kota tua" (like a history museum), ancol beach & dufan (ammusement park), and you could try some unique transportation (may be) hehe... have fun in Jakarta :) if you need more info, just leave a message on my acc :)

depending on ur budgets, there are several choices, hotels, motels, or guest house.. u can ask me for recommendation. ^^

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Hello, Chika-san!
When are you going to Jakarta?
Is it on early January? If it's so, then the cost of the cheapest lodging can be relatively high, since it's a holiday period.
For food, I will be glad to help you, since I'm a big fan of food here. :)
What kind of food and eatery you're looking for? :)

I recommend you to get a cheap motel before you arrived here, and kindly i able to do it for you. For know interesting place in Jakarta, please look at my picture. So many interesting place in Jakarta.

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Hi Chika ..i am pretty sure ,,u will enjoy in jakarta and there are so many place to stay here.. if you want i can try to find a good one but offcourse u can let me know how much ur budget to holiday in jakarta..and i recommend you go to 1 thousand island but u need more days ..kota tua is good place too to take a pic monumen nasional,club or karaoke too, and everything we can communicate... please visit my page.. :)

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Hii Chika...in central jakarta where all the luxurious mall of Plaza Indonesia, the Grand Indonesia, plenty of variety of foods from cross archipelago of Indonesian traditional food, so I would recommend you to stay around this area, kindly ly let me know your email ? which pricing from rp.250.000/ per night for home stay kind of, up to 3 stars hotel budget for rp.450.000,per night...plenty place for tradtional shopping and with great prices too...thanks

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hi chika ... i would be your great guide to get all you looking for in jakarta ......and whole beautiful place in indonesia
:) ..so , see you soon chika in jakarta .

I think in in sarina there is good and chif place

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