Male Bui



Language: Tiếng Việt, English

Hello everyone!!! Im Duc and im a 22 year-old student in my college.I'm easy going and I'm keen on taking the foreigners around some nice places in Ho Chi Minh City.I'm really "talkative",so i will be busy to talk with you not only about Vietnam's history and people,but also about Vietnamese's custom and habit when we hang out together someday.It just doesn't stop like that!!! We will also go farther with some special food of my city ,and to be honest, i have to say that the food i will show you that is going to make an impression on you guys :) I always hope that when someone from around the world leaves Vietnam,they will want to come back my city again in the future;moreover,those travelers who will introduce my friendly country to their friends for sure.
---- Duc. ^_^

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