Female TamTam

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam



Language: English

You can call me Tam, and we can talk a lot about our different cultures or politic issue or saving environment or beers vs. wine :)

I am a freebie currently, love to show my city for friends from all over the world and we should travel with no harm. I mean no trash, fun with responsibility and more than that, to deeply understand the culture of the place that you visit.

I was born in Sài Gòn and has been living here for more than 29 years, I do love my city and I have been watching how my city making the progress. I am optimistic that Sài Gòn is a bright city and the people here is amazing ( with food and drink also )

If you like to know Sài Gòn with a hipster eye, contact me then.

PS: I am also an amateur photographer so i can help you to keep nice memories with great photos / video.

PS: if you are traveling alone, i can definitely drive you around the city with my scooter.

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Hi there,I'm chinese and just can speak a little english and tieng viet.I would like to visit TPHCM next month with my girlfriend.may i have your zalo account,khnow each other more,thank you. my zalo a/c:+8618050099568

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