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Dear Tourist,
The sound of the village at the first gleam of daylight, the eager-to-please smiles of vegetables sellers, or the invitation of gentle and virtuous old women, and the farmers are ready for a new working day,…All those things make our life really smoothly pleasant, and they are precious features of Vietnamese village culture. Still owning the neglected and a little wildly natural beauty as well as the peaceful living environment, Hieu Liem is a friendly land that will give tourists an enjoyable feeling and unforgettable trip besides first-hand experience. With the aim to provide more choices and precious experience for the tourists, it is a great honor for us to introduce to you The Community Tourism & Homestay Program. This program will give you the chance to explore the beauty and cultural features of the land and the hospitable, plain country people of the Eastern part of South Viet Nam. Please come and feel the breath of warm-hearted living pace of this land through our Homestay Program – Discovering truly culture of Vietnamese villages.

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