Exploring Internet & Technology industry in Vietnam 1

Exploring Internet & Technology industry in Vietnam

Map-pin-grey Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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Start-up in technology industry has been hotter since 2010. A lot of startups were founded... and failed after a short period time, however, the desire of invading this intense market still remains.
The top excuses to blame for this short-life circumstance may comes from the budget limitation, economy, intellectual resources, experiences, mislead goal and missions...
Within this tour, you will have chance to approach the talented, energetic young Vietnamese of many industries: e-commerce, mobile application developing (on iOS, Android, Window Phone), food critique, investment...

This tour will show you the big picture of Internet & Technology in Vietnam with:
1. Industry overview in 30 mins
2. Take a look at co-working spaces in Vietnam where many start-ups team are being based in.
3. Connect with local partners here. (Max 3 partners on request per tour)

I would love to introduce everything I know about this industry to you who are looking for partnership, investment, business opportunities in Vietnam. To save your time and optimize the most value in this trip, please inbox me these things before booking:

1. Which business/opportunities are you looking for in Vietnam?
2. How many days will you stay in HCMC? (If you had your biz trip plan already)
3. If possible, please give me your company you know or you want to be connected.
4. Ask me everything about Internet companies here.

Thank you so much and look forward to seeing you soon in Saigon ^_^


: US$50 / Person
: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
: 5 hours

Ask to Huynh Kim Ngan

About LocalHost

Hi, my name is Ngan and I am learning how to be tech entrepreneur. I am founder of Action.vn which delivers local tech news in Vietnam. I am a simple person who is passionate about helping and connecting people.

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