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Saigon town Tour!

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I take you to spa,it going to give you a wonderful time while you have a longest day.
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Things to know when traveling:

Each tourists are expected to travel with a trip comfortable and fun. When tourists travel to equip themselves are the best thing to know as the necessary information before, including luggage when what? Especially if you travel abroad you should be equipped with the knowledge what? It is also important to ensure that the health before and during the journey. Just the little attention that's it, your trip will be fun and interesting. Prepare the site well, you already have half the success of your trip.

Information needed before

You need to prepare well for the trip page is the information you need before you go. Destination is where you will come to the place where, doing what's in that location ... all of which you will have to plan ahead, know in advance if you want a perfect trip.

Tour price is also a big problem for the tourists. You should select the travel company is reputable, and well known to professional tour you will also more comfortable, or can refer to the online tour to know for sure about the price.

There are organized tours that are not included in tour cost, with the tour in this country is not alarming, but for overseas tours Notes for tickets visit tourist sites in a number of countries are high. There are programs that are very cheap but look at if full participation, in addition to the amount you paid tour, you have to pay a lot of money during the trip.

Need to check flight departure and return at any moment? If you need to ask away that flight or flight straight to transit, if the transit time is not long to wait?

You can ask for information when your trip is unclear. You should also refer to the dos and don'ts in where you come to have better manners when you arrive there. If you are traveling domestically, you should bring cash, because in these places do not have many tourist spots withdrawal.

Things to know when traveling abroad

If you have long days traveling overseas, you should also consult the following information for your trip convenient and really inspiring. With trips abroad more complicated procedures, you have a passport, but a visa in his country, and some of the other papers ...

Procedures Aviation: The aviation industry regulations only allowed to carry 20 kg of luggage and 7kg of hand luggage. You arrive at the airport 1 hour before check in procedures.

Customs Procedures: You are allowed no more than 7000 USD or the USD 5.000000. You declare if you are carrying more.

A note about timezones: All times in the Southeast Asian countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia ... not much different from Vietnam. European countries, USA, Australia ... different from Vietnam.

Language: English is the language most popular tourist attractions, you should bring the pocket book of the English common interface.

Currency: U.S. dollar carry When you take large denominations of currency in exchange for higher prices and also to bring a little bit of money for 1 USD to tip the baggage service, waiters ... If you want to change money you should change at the airport or at the local bank is the safest.

Luggage needed for a trip

You have so many things to carry while traveling, or just take things really necessary? As little luggage, you will have more time for the trip because not entangled, busy with the heavy backpack.

Remember to bring some medicines and medical supplies needed, such as cotton, medical alcohol, painkillers, oil and wind, anti-allergy drugs, avoid allergies occur due to eating strange food. Bring .. some drugs such as fever, diarrhea ... We all know that prevention is always better than cure.

Costumes travel is also of great concern to all of us, just how to dress comfortable, convenient medium for the trip. The visitors also need to pay attention to the weather in our region to the hot or cold, depending on the climate of that region, we choose suitable dresses for comfort, convenience trips. Shorts and t-shirts, sneakers or flip-flops, sandals costume is one of the most comfortable and convenient for us to travel.

Prep for the trip which is indispensable personal papers, which are extremely important things, if something happens the case, thanks to the papers you can resolve things faster.

Ensure health before and during the trip

You want to have a fun ride and comfort, keeping health before and during the trip is essential. Prepare thoughtful things you will have fun trip and ensure health, you will master your trip.

Anyone who does not want to travel to enjoy specialties in areas where they will come, but if local food is not fit, you should not eat. You should find out in advance about the special dishes where they come, will be easier for you to choose.

Notice about food and drink, food, drinks taste sanitation, health guarantee, do not eat too full or too hungry not to. It can take a number of other food if you do not need to know that the food, or you are very fastidious about eating in, eating right punctuality ... The strange food should pay attention , to eat familiar food, easily digestible.

You should drink bottled water instead of boiling water, or tea is beneficial for the digestive tract, such as ginger tea ... Do not drink cold drinks.

Prior to departure and you should only eat light, can anti-motion sickness medication before you depart half an hour if you get motion sickness. While you can go suck on mints or ginger candy ... to avoid motion sickness.


: US$10 / Person
: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
: 2 hours

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