Notre Dame  Cathedral and Saigon's Life Tour! 1
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Notre Dame Cathedral and Saigon's Life Tour!

Map-pin-grey Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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Hi! my name is Tram Anh, you can call me: Annie. I'm now 21 years old
since I was born I still live in here Ho Chi Minh city,
I and my friends have planed this tour to,of all things we want we wanna make friends, 2nd we want to improve our english with you, and a lot of thing that we want to tell you about our country,

This is our first time do this, so we not sure to make you contentment, but we'll try our best
to make you fell comfort when you in HCM city
our trip start from 9a.m , end at 4p.m
we'll pick up you at your hotel, if you wanna eat breakfast we have a list of meal that you ever taste.....
after that we will drive to everywhere that we have design before for you, you'll see how HCM city is the 2nd city in a world have
abundant street fast food in the world

we will show you every conner in Ho Chi Minh city,
and show you what a real Saigon how a vietnamese live,form food to our traditional, all special thing that you can't find in any books.... ^^

we will drive around to 4p.m


: US$25 / Person
: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
: 8 hours

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