HCM trip with NET price $10! Let's do it! 1

HCM trip with NET price $10! Let's do it!

Map-pin-grey Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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Hmmm 1 day in HCM is interesting enough to make you love HCM ^^ and 1 more day will make u love VietNam!!!

But if your trip is more than 2 days So... Why don't you try to see Mekong Delta ^^

What if you have more than 4 days? hehe If I were you, 2 days in Hanoi(1day for Hanoi, 1 day for Halong Bay) and 2days in HCM!

How about... You have a week? So,,, Why don't you contact with me ^^ Free tips are READY!!!

Nice to meet you all. Btw. Enjoy yr trip!!!

P/s: Actually, I wanna guide you free but... you see, the basic cost is $1 ^^



: US$1 / Person
: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
: 10 h 50 min.

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I'm Vietnamese, living in Tokyo for studying Japanese.
At this moment i can't guide you in Vietnam but giving some tips for your good trip.
May you have a good time.

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