How's AIESEC doing in HCMC. Used to work for AIESEC in Asia and Europe, now working in Saigon. Actually thought about hiring AIESEC EPs before :)


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AIESEC has an amazing work here :)). where are u from? are u in GCDP? if u need to know anything about Sai Gon, contact me through yahoo: nly_0n3_sweet_l0v3

What's your email or whatsapp??

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what's urs? add to my yahoo nick

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For me, it's extremely EXCELLENT to be an AIESECer in Ho Chi Minh city. I'm from LC Foreign Trade university. Now we are recruiting students to go GCDP exchange this summer.

Feel free to contact me. I hope we can meet-up and talk more about AIESEC.

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