I make a plan to vusit Phantiet from HCMC by train.. but, how can I pre-book a train ticket.... ?


if u go on weekday, no need to book in advance. Just go to the train station and take it. If u go on weekend, u should buy 1 day earlier (for sure). Ask the receptionist use the table phone to call the to station to book for you. There is delivery service which cost little.

Hoa Hung train station:

Address: 01 Nguyen Thong, ward 9, Dist. 3,TP, HCMC
Website: http://www.gasaigon.com.vn
Booking via phone and ask for ticket delivery: Phone: 08.38.436528


i advise you that you shouldnt go to phan thiet by train. Because the train station is not in Phan Thiet city. It would be better if you go there by bus (mai Linh or kumho are ok, price ticket is 130.000 VND

If you go there by train, you'll pay more for taxi or motorbike taxi to get Phan Thiet city.

I know that because, Phan Thiet city is my hometown. Hope you'll have great tim in Vietnam ^^

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