Hi, I'm planing to Muine in April. Which direction is better to start, nathrang-dalat-muine-hcmc or hcmc-muine-hcmc? I have to end the journey in hcmc prior leaving back to Indonesia


Mũi Né (Muine) and Nha Trang (Nhatrang) are beaches but I prefer Nha Trang because it is a beach city, which is bigger than Mũi Né and more FUN!!!

Đà Lạt (Dalat) is also a popular destination for tourists. The weather is always nice and cool! ^^

In my opinion, you can depart in HCMC then Mũi Né - Nha Trang - Đà Lạt (Dalat) - HCMC or HCMC - Mũi Né - HCMC. It's your choice

:D Hope you can enjoy your trip in Vietnam.

Take care Lily!

Thanks for the reply. The sand dune in muine is my first priority to visit. Is it possible getting there by xe ohm or should i take 4wd? Can i explore muine within 1 day? Thanks

I don't think it's a good idea to visit Muine in one day or travel there by motorbike. You can only travel to Muine by Bus or car. It takes about 6 or 7 hours to travel from HCMC to Muine by car.

If you just want to visit Muine in one day, I think it would make you exotic!!! >:( Beside, Muine is more than just white sand dune, you know..

Stringio Jay

Thien, I am curious why you suggested the Mũi Né - Nha Trang - Đà Lạt (Dalat) route? I was planning sth similar and it seems by reading the map Mui Ne -> Da Lat ->Nha Trang is more straightforward? Or am I missing sth important?

Thanks for enlightening!


Hi Jay,
where will you depart and how will you travel?

Here is my suggestion if you depart in HCMC: HCMC- Muine - Nhatrang - Dalat - HCMC

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