Hi! Nice to meet you. I'm planning to stay in HCMC between a week from April 8th. Will you be my friend?


Why dont you skim through some profiles, some tours offered and picked up ur the one u r interested in, then getting contact with him/her. I think its more effective than raising a question in common like this :)

do you have any idea for your plan?

Hi Justin,
If you are interested in my activity

I think we could enjoy visiting Ho Chi Minh city together.

Cheers :D

Img_5147 Tam
9 activities

I would love to meet you and take you get around, try Vietnamese food. Take a look my activites and contact to me if you prefer.



Stringio Hiền
3 activities

Hi Justin
Take a look at my profit https://meetrip.to/hochiminhcity/users/8539
if you interested in it, feel free to contact me anytime
Hope you have a nice trip in HCMC ^^

Eee Ann
9 activities

I love too. contact me as a friend. though vietnam is my country, i love to go around with a first-time-seeing friend :0

Eee Ann
9 activities

contact me if u like to. Yahoo: nly_0n3_sweet_l0v3. Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/mai.tram.1466 see you soon :)

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