Hi, I'm CEO of Japanese startup company. I will visit HCMC 8th March. We are looking for WEB/Smartphone Application engineers who can meet up us. Does anyone meet up us on 8th March? Could you tell me what company are nice to meet ?


Sorry, I don't know much about this field but I think you can follow this link of Arena HCMC.


Arena is kinda one of the best multimedia academy. Maybe you would find whom you need for your company. Good luck :)

Hi Daisaku. My name is Paul. I am looking a companies have good policies for employees and innovative work environment.

My strengths are web development and mobile service. I have developed so many website. My key products are :
- Shopping cart : price comparison and get great deal. It's developing.
- Comictogo : This is an application for mobile that I'm a founder. I'm making service this application. Within one month, I's getting more one thousand users for my location version. The international version is developing. You can review this app via the link : http://goo.gl/s7PkL

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact with or leave a message for me.


Can refer this company


Greengar designs and develops simple, fun, useful mobile apps for iOS and Android. Greengar inspires amateur artists with Whiteboard: Collaborative Drawing, and appeals to casual mathematicians with its Brain Tuner game. With over 7 million users, Greengar apps are among the most popular on the Apple iTunes App Store.

Hope it helps.

try to post recruit advertising on

Thank you everyone. I really happy to hear local opinion. I and my girl friend stay in HCMC on 8th so if you have chance to meet me, please contact me. ;)

If you have more time to visit HCMC. Can i meet you on 09:00 AM (Vietnam) at the coffee Bean in front of the church ,23 Dong Khoi street - Ben Nghe ward - 1 district .

You can follow the address above by googlemap link : http://goo.gl/maps/b3QJo


The date is 9 March . It's ok ?

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