Hi, I will be staying at Hotel Equatorial, District 5. I think it's in Cholon? Is there any shopping centre or supermarket near there? Where is a good place to shop at night in District 5? I'm afraid of taking a taxi for fear of being cheated because I can only speak English and Mandarin...


I think the nearest shopping mall is Now Zone, at 235 Nguyễn Văn Cừ street, district 1.
For your imformation:

Actually, it's more about fashion but it still has other basic service like food court, super market, etc. I think it only takes about 20 minutes to walk there or 10 minutes to travel by taxi or motorcycle.
If you need a bigger mall, I suggest Parkson Hùng Vương Plaza on Hùng Vương street. There is a movie cinema on 7th floor. This mall is even nearer Chợ Lớn (Cho Lon market) than your hotel.

It's at 126 Hùng Vương street, district 5. It takes about 20 minutes to travel by taxi or motorbike.

If you're afraid of fake taxi, I recommend MAI LINH taxi or VINASUN taxi. These taxi brands are popular and I'm sure there are many Mai Linh taxi and Vinasun taxi in front of hotel Equatorial.

Stringio Tom

Hi Leonard, actually, you can not trust any taxi 100%, even MAI LINH taxi or VINASUN taxi. This fact depends on the taxi drivers, some are kind, some are ugly. You should google the destination you want to come first. Good luck :)

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