Hello, my name is Matthew and I have lived in HCMC for one year but realised I do not know the city or really understand it. I live a privileged life and work very hard so want to start understanding and seeing.
I do not want to go to the tourist spots, but the places I would never know. Anyone help ... ?


It's normal for a foreigner living in HCMC. If you want to have fun at weekend, then can take a cab or a bus from Ben Thanh market to Dam Sen Park or a bus from Ben Thanh Market to Suoi Tien (Bus 19). Those places have beautiful views and funny games with reasonable price(10$usd).
If you want to know more about HCM, try to eat food selling on street like hotpot, Hu tieu, Pho... The taste is good...many of my foreigner friends like it:P. If you want to have a good shopping, just go to Saigon square or go to Pham Van Hai market. If you want to go shopping at night, you can go to Hanh Thong Tay market. Those market they have lots of stuffs with reasonable price (You should discount a half price when they offer at Pham Van Hai). Walking around Ben Thanh market and eating snack food at ther, it would be great... Try it :)

Stringio Nhan
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well, you has been living in HCM City for one year .I think , you explored all the tourist destinations here like the other foreigners . You should switch to a different direction, try to become Vietnamese, it can be a new experience . If you want, you can join me and my friends .

Img_5147 Tam
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Hi Matthew,
My name is Tam. I and my friends can become your tour guide because we wanna get chance to practice speaking English. We can take you get around Ho chi minh city, Vietnam by bus in the weekend and every night after our work time. As you know, the bus ticket is cheap in Vietnam (about 0.19-0.2 Usd/person/journey). We have lived in Ho chi minh city for 6 years. Don't hesitate contact to me. You can see the normal life of Vietnamese people.
See you soon.

Hi,my name's Vy, i'm a freshman. I think that when you live here for one year, you have already travel many beautiful places around HCM City, right? But it seems like you don't really feel it... .If you want to know more about HCMCity, i'm very happy to show you my country. Whenever you are free and interested in travelling, please contact me before a week because i have to arrange my study plan. I'm very happy to have another travelling partner.

You should try local food with real Saigonese taste.

I suggest "Lunch lady Saigon" at 23 Hoang Sa street, district Binh Thanh, HCMC. She's famous for different Vietnamese lunch meals everyday, especially Vietnamese noodles (Bún).

I also suggest many local café with many different decoration or Phòng trà where Vietnamese singers perform every nights.

You can google Phòng trà Không tên, phòng trà Đồng Dao, phòng trà WE for more information and schedule night shows.

Eee Ann
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welcome to HCM city. im eager to meet u as a friend. i like to meet foreign friends :).

Stringio Li
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Hi.It will be my pleasure to be your tour guide.I just want to have foreign friends and practise speaking English.Contact to me ^^

Stringio Tom

Hey Matthew, you've come to the right place! My name is Nam, now I live and
work in HCMC, my friends and I can become your sidekicks :)

I had studied abroad for over 6 years. I also have many foreign friends who
come here and all have the same difficulty to adopt in a new environment.
So I really understand how you are feeling!

We will show you how to survive in this city (just kidding), where you can
go shopping, where you can find Vietnamese foods as well as foreign foods,
how can you find the right directions by yourself and bla bla bla…

We also know many beautiful places surrounding HCMC because we have
travelled a lot, so if you want to relax after a long time working hard, we
can lead you there or you can join our vacations.

We are IT guys who are friendly, open-minded and funny. Everything we need
is just making friends to exchange cultures, languages… So feel free to
contact us, we are available after working hours and weekend. You are welcome :)

Stringio Ma
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well, i guess you should be more active to connect with the local people. You can get more experience by travelling to the areas nearby the city. it's totally cool. Hope it can work for your, dude!

Stringio Binh
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I guess you have lived for 1 year in VN so you know driving motorbike already, haven't you? contact me if sometimes if you wanna have a drive around some special places that will attract your eyes and mind at night.
p/s: I'm interested in photography then it will be nice if you are either to share the feeling of enjoying combining travelling and taking photos.

Open-uri20130422-24787-s4bi5x?1366641798 Huyen
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Hi Matthew,

You have lived in HCMC for a year, so i suggest getting to know more about the countryside of Vietnam. Join me and my friends on a long drive by motorbike to the countryside to see the beauty of true Vietnam. Contact me if you're interested :) www.facebook.com/huyenthanhpham

Hi, I would like to make friend with a foreigner to keep going my english soeaking skill. because now I nearly have no chance to speak. so if available please mae friend with me on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DungonedayNguyen

Hi, I would like to make friend with a foreigner to keep going my english soeaking skill. because now I nearly have no chance to speak. so if available please mae friend with me on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DungonedayNguyen

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