Female Askah

Quezon City, Philippines




You know my name not my story

Okay. Hello! I'm Askah Nakagawa (Never misspell it) fresh from my mother's womb.
I am loving,caring ,SWEET and love to take pictures! When i want something, i get it and when i get it, i get some more. My cacoethes for fashion is SUPEREROGATORY! I'm a mania of it. I'm a shoe mania. I really have an EXUBERANCE and ENTHUSIASM with shoes. I always get THE impression if you know what i mean. but im all nice and chatty. One more! I'm really a camera freak and i take tons of pics! It's my way of documenting my life and remembering those precious moments that you can never return.

I 'm cool, easy to get along with.
Always give smile to everyone. A human being with a very good heart, to love, to care, and to give importance.
A very good friend, hangout gal
I love music.I'm a simple girl, always want to be different with a high sense of humor.
Always make to the point that I'll never left behind. Not OUT and will never be.
A very quiet person, but cool and fun to be with, can cope up to different kinds of people. I don't care to those people who hates me or to those people who're insecure for being me. Well im nice I believe. I am fun to be with if I like ur company, I would wanna be with people that are fun to be with & I like people who would burn some time telling stories and who likes conversations.

Don't try to know me so much cause its gonna consume your WHOLE brain.

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