Male Paul Roland

Incheon, South Korea



Language: Tagalog

Nickname: Rolly ("Mayk" - from 1983 to 1985 - long story...)

A few things about my EdTech side:

* I am Director of Information and Communication Technologies at Chadwick International School in amazing New Songdo City, South Korea.

* I’m an avid Mac user (switcher since 1994), but I also use Windows-based computers (sometimes) as well as boxes with “LINUX inside”!

* I enjoy working with open source software. My continuing interests in this area include Joomla, Gallery, and similar CMS's and image portals, as well as Moodle and the K12LTSP LINUX project.

* Geekside Interests: Apple toys, any sci-fi, anything Disney, CMS, CSS, e-learning, Educational Technology, Joomla, LINUX, LMS, Mac OS X, Moodle, Handheld Computers, Photoshop, Podcasting, RSS, STAR GATE, Star Trek, the U.K.

* Geekside Likes: FB, creating iMovies and Keynote presentations, creating/working on websites, discovering new Web 2.0 sites, fiddling with tech toys, flying large kites, learning about e-learning, photography, revisiting my old Newtons and CLIEs and other Palm handhelds, teaching teachers on how to integrate technology, traveling, walking on the beach, working on my MacBook, teaching and working with children, exploring Joomla - recent love: iPhone

* Pleased by: Folks who share tech knowledge, receiving email, “getting it”

* Get irritated by: MySQL problems, network equipment issues, Internet downtime, narrow/closed-minded “technology users”, open source installations that don’t work, over-pricing technology, teachers who “don’t want to learn anything new anymore”, technology users who don’t want to “try new things”, teachers who don’t want to give technology a chance in their classrooms

* I would like to: learn how to make apps for the iPhone, learn how to create web-based programs, learn how to use Final Cut Pro, learn more about Joomla, learn more about Moodle, Learn more about PHP and MySQL, learn more about technology integration, work towards a PhD in some fantastic area of educational technology/leadership, explore South Korea as much as I can ...

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