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Land of fleeting summers and harsh winters, miles of impassable forests, hills and swamps, devastated factory towns and coal pits. That should be an image of Russia's far North, the birthplace of Alesha Voronin. He's been a wanderer since his early childhood, moving from one place to the other, changing innumerable schools. Then he happened to find himself in Moscow. There Alesha studied scenic set design and took class from notable Anatoly Ledukhovsky, master of the so-called psycho-plastique and magical theater of dim lights and uneven feelings.

Despite his love with theater, Alesha quit soon after graduation. He was roaming free again. One day he's been a bartender, the next day a head of public relations department of some media group, the next day he's attended film criticism courses. Or he might have appeared as a fashion model, stylist, hair dresser, musician, performer of a DJ.

Three years ago Alesha got fed up and left. For Thailand, which is much like far North of Russia, despite climate differences. Same tough weather, same vast of pure untouched land. And quite similarly to Russia, it takes time to settle down here. Eventually, Alesha fell in love with the place and found his new home and friends here in Thailand. And now he is building a home for his new family. Sure, it takes some time. His family is every open-minded wanderer alike, of any age or nationality or gender.

Alesha's family is called Indeep. This family is an artistic one. It's a collective of like-minded people working on unlike-minded ideas. It's an international creative and production agency on one hand and a local art and life-style community on the other. Indeep makes fashion shootings in Bangkok and Moscow, it helps artists make their shows, it provides uncommon tours for fellow passers-by.Last year Indeep helped organize a performance by Russian artists Dasha Yastrebova and Sereja Medvedev, that was held at BACC. Soon Indeep will become a co-working agency as well, for those who, like Alesha, wish to come to Thailand to work, make art, whatever.

In the end, Indeep is all you need, all you expect and desire, provided at the right time by the right people. It's a space to create and share, it's a place to live and love.

text by Mitya Nesterov

Work and Education:

  • IndeeP · Inspiration Agent. · Dec 2011 to present

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