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I grew up on a farm in Pennsylvania, am a 3 tour Vet of the American War in Vietnam who finally decided to come to live here and teach. My way of giving something back to a country which has seen so much trouble in the past and was a big part of my life.
Author of many things but my biggest accomplishment was finishing 'The Duck Pond...I am not a Tourist, I Live Here.' an account of my boat group during the Vietnam war. Since the Navy didn't keep any records about us this book will be the only record of my unit during the 1965-68 timeline. It has been touted as being one of the best books written about the war by many.

Work and Education:

  • Duy Tan Language Center · Owner Bob's Cafe' American, Tuy Hoa · Aug 2007 to present · We have the only place in Phu Yen where you can get good burgers, wings, pizza and a lot more, also a bar with ice cold beer (no ice needed)
  • Kittanning Senior High School · Class of 1964

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