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  • NAM VY travel · Manager · Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam · Aug 2012 to present · "We try our best to make your trip to Vietnam enjoyable, memorable and problem free. Imagine the pleasure of waking up every day not knowing exactly the day’s schedule, but knowing that you’ll enjoy the day." Our services include: Inbound and outbound tours National and international air tickets and train and aircon bus booking Accommodation reservations Restaurants Multi lingual guides and interpreters Entry visa procedure As well as land transportation with chauffer We offer visitors from all over the world a variety of unique itineraries in order to promote Vietnam as a safe, hospitable and exotic destination: Classic tours: introduce to the visitors an excellent view of Vietnam. The beauty of natural landscapes and the diversity of culture from North to South Community tours: introduce the visitors the beauty of Vietnam’s provinces, the hospitality and the daily life of local people. Apart from our main tours, we also offer: trekking tour, culinary tour and other responsible tours. With the aim at becoming one of the most professional tour operators, Nam Vy has been trying to offer the best services to visitors Nam Vy, having its office in Ho Chi Minh City (former Saigon), always response to visitors’ demand at the shortest time. Our focus is always on our customers’ business success. In order to focus on their businesses, our customers can depend on our services. We understand that good service depends on the expertise of our consultants, so we invest heavily on professional training and qualification of our team. Our consultants offer personalized services, taking in consideration the customer need on each travel or event requested, hus providing true management capabilities from reporting and consulting services to easy tours. Visitors have a chance to enjoy themselves on beautiful beaches and indulge themselves in luxury resorts providing high quality services. Indochina tours: You will not only celebrate tours within Vietnam borders, but we can take you beyond the borders to offer you unique tours in to Cambodia and Laos.
  • YTC · Aug 2012 to present
  • Delta Adventure Tours · Tour Operator · Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam · Jan 2005 to present
  • vung tau tourism school

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