Female Asako

Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Japan



Language: 日本語, English

Tokyo, Japan.
Known as drunken drummer and part time fortune teller.

Likes to walk around the town, city, mountains and sea sides anywhere any part of the globe.

Reviews by Asako (1)

I was looking for someone can take us out for one-day excursion from Taipei to nearby Yilan district, as I wished to visit King Car's Kavalan Whisky distillery in that area. I've known that Yilan is also famous for many scenic sites as well as hot spring, however, visiting all these place all by myself seems a little difficult. Then here's this Peter came to us to give his very warm helping hand!

My order of this trip arrangement was very vague such as; I will visit Kavalan at 10AM and after that, please take us out for hot spring, sea foods and some local entertainment.

Well, not many trip organizer would like to accept such an vast still vague order, right? But, with Peter's deep knowledge about travel experiences and arrangement, our course become like this: Kavalan Distilery@10:00AM, around 12:00PM till 15:00PM lunch and local traditional arts exhibition and shopping! @National Centre for Traditional Arts, then around 16:00PM, we went to the Hot Spring @Jiaoxi, head back to Taipei before the evening traffic jam, then Peter took us out for dinner in Night Market @ Nigxia Road, Taipei. Honestly there is not much to say or add this one-day excursion, it's just perfectly organized and knowledgeable for us who's actually never came to Taiwan before . Perfectly all right. He is the best. I will definitely seek his advice for my next Taiwan trip! Thank you very much, Peter-san!



というわけで、当日は朝10時に金車のウイスキー工場を見学し、その後お昼を兼ねて宜蘭県にあります「国立伝統芸術中心」という、日本でいうと太秦や日光江戸村を合体したような、伝統的な街並みを再現した伝統工芸品のショップがあり、きれいな庭園があり、しかも伝統芸能の舞台観劇まで出来るテーマパークに連れてっていただきました。たっぷりと鑑賞・お買い物をした後は、礁渓温泉へ! しかも水着を着ない、日本式で入浴可能なきれいな温泉でゆっくりした後、夕方のラッシュ前に台北に帰着。しかし、旅はここでは終わらず、台北の人々が長年吟味したおいしい屋台しかないという、マイナーだけど地元の人に愛されているという寧夏夜市まで案内していただき、夕食を頂き射的などで遊びました。とっても充実した一日旅行となりましたが、何もかもガイドのピーターさんのおかげです。自分一人ではこんなことはとても不可能でしたよ!


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