Female Yoko

Ota-ku, Tokyo, Japan



Language: English, 日本語, Français

Guilford International Student 05-06

I was born in Tokyo.
Tokyo is very crowded and buzzzie place, so if you are coming to JAPAN, I will recomend other places such as Kyoto and Nara. Niigata, Toohoku or somewhere. Let me know if you are coming to Japan. I hope to help you!

During my stay here, please teach me any kinds of English! I wanna learn fucking crazy useful words!

Also let me know about the story happening in America. And let'sdiscuss about it. Before I leave, I should learn more about America!

To Guilford People
Thank you very much for helping me a lot during my stay at Guilford. I really enjoyed staying here. I had much meaningful time. It definetely influenced my life. I might not be able to experience these precious time in JPN any more....sad. And horrible to go back to my country......

Meeting many people, talking and discussing about America and world and life. Teaching some obscence JPN words. Complaing about cafe food, always saying "NASTY". Small Discussion Classes and Groups. Writing about my thinking. Film studying and taking. Thinking and Reflecting about myself in Hut. Tennis. Playing the piano addictively, Trying to define Hippi at Guilford. Showing some JPN culture, Walking in the forest ....there are many things.

I enjoyed Guilford Time! Thanks!

Work and Education:

  • Panasonic · present to present
  • The University of North Carolina at Greensboro - UNCG · Class of 2006
  • The friends school
  • Guilford College
  • Keio University

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