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lUv maYb Lik a VAcatiON!!!Or dreAmsss..wen u wake uP everytink gone..back To emoHAm.. ..wen ii sae i donmissyou but actually i does,wen i sae idonluvyou,actually iluvualot till i myself dono wad to do n donwana let go!.iMa a Teddy Bibi
If u wil to ask mi y ur my luv?




Cox wen I'm happi,I wil str@ wana share it wif u

Cox wen I'm sad n feelin down,I wil wish for ur hug

 Cox wen I found a gd n nice place,I wil eager to take u ther:)

Cox wen it's snowin,I wil wish u to stand side by side wif mi to feel e breeze

 Cox wen e moment I open my eyes,I wil wish to see u first 

Cox wen ur sad,I would wish to giv u a bigbear huggies

 Cox I wan u in my life n alwaez yearn to spent my life wif u

 Cox ur habit n everytink alwaez linger in my mind

Cox wen I'm sad n gonna brk down u wil be ther n by my side hug mi  n kiss mii tats all it matters

 Ur alr as a part of my family

Cox infront of u,I can be lik a baby

Cox wen hw cold e weather is as long tink of u n u ask mi to wear jacket or don catch cold,I wil feel warmth

Cox wen nite comes n I'm alone,tink of u makes mi smile n feel great n blesss.cox our hart is tgt

 Cox ur name alwaez linger in mi n whenever I see anitink wil tink of buyin for u

 Cox ur e one I wan to be tgt

 Cox I wann to see u happy n tat I can be e happiness for u
hii..mi is a friendly n ar chubby can cal mi ^hamsteR^
i admit im beri bad temper de soo tis a warrnin first haha..den a blurblur sotong livin in Emo world..luv black cox its cool..lik i sae wan noe mi more den add mi lor den noe mi beta for u to find out ba.chaoz

BEin sold out le..haha..shes my everytink..
Ur Smile
Ur Touch
Ur care
Ur kisses
Ur patience especially
By my Side
WeN u wan sometink but cant get oh so cuTe

pArt Of My life~gave a meanin to my life

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