Male Kalpesh

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India




As a Director at Gayatri Microsystems Pvt. Ltd. I bring in more than 10 years of professional web development and design experience in multidisciplinary fields like Conceptualization, Interaction, and Visualization of Interface. I am adept at conceptualizing ideas in the form of paper sketches, wire-frames and cloud-based prototyping with with visible success in determining user needs, assisting in defining requirements, writing use cases, planning business goals, implementing road maps, creating project plans, managing projects, designing interaction, constructing information architecture, establishing testing scenarios, conducting usability tests, analyzing data and determining the changes necessary for improvement.

I evangelise empathetic handling and designing of cohesive online user experience in regards to accessibility, usability and end-to-end user journey. Apart from evangelising online user experience, I update myself on subjects like cultural etiquettes around the world, and also have distinct and unique capability to draw patterns and co-relate data from ongoing current affairs ranging from international politics to economics to history to religion.

Web Development, Web Design, Web Usability, Information Architecture, User Experience Design, Interaction Design, User Interface Design, Information Design, Internet Marketing, Content Development, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Development & Management, Database Auditing / Re-formats, Email Campaigns and Mobile Marketing

Work and Education:

  • Gayatri Microsystems Pvt. Ltd. · Director · Mumbai, Maharashtra, India · Jan 2001 to present
  • Y B Chavan College of Pharmacy · Class of 1993
  • Y.B Chavan college of Science · Class of 1987
  • Mithibai College, Mumbai (Bombay)
  • Y.B. Chavan college of pharmacy, aurangabad, Maharashtra
  • Y B Chavan College of Pharmacy

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