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I'm just a person who loves taking up challenges and trying new things in different sectors and prospects of life. Opportunities are always grabbed and never ignored. Determination defines me. When i say i want it, i mean it. I'll do whatever it takes to achieve it. Ever heard of no pain no gain ? :)

Travelling around the world is my passion. Flying is my ambition. Sports is my hobby. I swim, run, hike and plays football. I can be very conscientious at times so a little advise, when i'm stress studying, don't come close. Let me be like that for awhile. Greatly appreciated :)

The best of elham flyer.
I worship and love my friends. Helping is what i enjoy doing. And i've big dreams. Apologies for this. I'm full of secrets.

Making friends are my essentials in life. Meeting people is just my kinda thing.

Sacarstic sometimes. Just endure aite ! :)

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