Female Karla

Quezon City, Philippines



Language: Tagalog, English, Español, 日本語, Français

I bet you see me as a girl who cares excessively for her appearance, a very conceited person who spends more time infront of the mirror than in any place in the world... but believe me, I'm just simple ♥

I consider myself as an enigma. A broken puzzle to be put together. A precious treasure to be uncovered. A riddle to be answered. The vagueness of my being is as dark as the inside of a coffin on a moonless night. In this world of enmity and hostility, I once decided to seclude myself from humanity. But this seclusion changed my youthful innocence to a somber, conflicted soul. My silence is tearing my being apart. But all things must come to an end. Somehow I saw a spark of hope that made me come out of my hiding place, even though the world is cruel and it is full of rude people who would love to make you feel bad, it is still abundant of good people who would love to share their happiness with you, you just have to look, deeper then what our mortal eyes can see. Now I am enjoying every bit of my life, it may not be always full of bliss and felicity but somehow I now see the pulchritude and beauty of living, by experiencing my life to its fullest without any regret.

♥ I hate the taste of alcohols and the scent of cigarette smoke
♥ kikay kit & alcohol - things that you will always see in my bag.
♥ I'm not into perfumes. I love baby colognes.
♥ Addicted to romantic films and books.
♥ I Love defines my life.
♥ I used to do things I m0stly like but I want experimenting too
♥ I’m n0t giving up my str0ng point in order to remedy my weakness.
♥ I'm faithful. Super.
♥ I have clear priorities & I stick to them.
♥ I d0nt allow misunderstandings to fester.
♥ Down to earth & enjoying life.
♥ Self-esteem is a huge piece of my work.
♥ I'm so clumsy.
♥ I hate washing the dishes.
♥ I do tell the truth but i‘m n0t brutally frank.
♥ I'm a noisy person. I talk a lot.
♥ I'm naughty... ^_^ but nice.
♥ I laugh out loud.
♥ I'm a crybaby.
♥ I'm hopeless romantic. I'm n love with love.
♥ I'm an idealist, a sentimental dreamer, an imaginative and fanciful one.
♥ Formidable and vulnerable at the same time.
♥ I am weak at heart but can stand once again to fight the pain.


Work and Education:

  • Marca Piña · Microbiologist / Research and Development Staff · Quezon City, Philippines · Jun 2011 to present
  • RareJob Philippines, Inc. · English Tutor · May 2011 to Jun 2012 · A good teacher is like a candle - it consumes itself to light the way for others.
  • University of the Philippines Baguio · Class of 2011
  • Sauyo High School · Class of 2005
  • Francisco School · Class of 2002
  • richland montessori school · Class of 2001

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