Female Sally

Manila, Philippines




Im a person that is independent, modern, open-minded, honest and faithful. I used to be calm, practical, responsible and cautions; however I can be also stubborn, intolerable and inflexible depends on how the condition and situation is.!!..I hate people who talk behind my back..If u treat me right i treat u right also.

"Loving someone is a gift but when that someone hurts you so much,then that someone doesn't deserves you" "Don't ever be afraid to love someone,because loving someone is where you find true happiness"Learning through life is the best teacher,there can only be one learner and that is you.Your presence and willingness to learn.There are some instances in our lives that we need to cry out loud and gaining painful memories but don't you worry it will be the one to help you gain success.Many people says that mistakes is what you've done wrong and that you choses to turn the wrong path but they don't know that it is part of surviving,mistakes are the charcoal of the soul to burned fire to create the braveness of a person,the striking power to manipulates the person to do the best he could and to fight for his victory.We cannot win the battle if you never have determination cause I do believe in the saying "Failure will never overtake us if our determination to succeed is strong enough"

I have strong faith with GOD.I may not be perfect but as much as possilbe i live my life accordingly to god..God is so good to me all the time and help me always to get through and surpass all my trial in life.

I do believe life is short and we should be greatful and enjoy it to the fullest..Never engaged ur self to someone that make ur life complicated and unlucky..

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