Male AmAn

Manila, Philippines




i like to express myslf in irregular ways..der by most of the times my thoughts,my expression remains hidden..really when you become different from others,you will loose many things,bt wat u wil gt wil b very precious

In a utopian situation, I would love to have friends and dear ones do the talking for me.... But since I am here on my own... here goes ...I am a happy go lucky person taking everyone and everything in my stride. I love life,a stroll on a beach while sunset, fresh air and smell of flowers. I think i am like a sponge, I like to absorb all good things ( spiritual, personal, intellectual growth, financial planning etc) and knowledge until its time to squeeze it out and make use of it...

Have always wanted to be a gypsy, carrying my world in head and my heart. Just want enough for the day, enough to keep me smiling when I go to bed. Be it love, friends, money or more, I live for the moment. Unpredictable is my middle name and you would find me humming always and grooving to the rhythm of life (quite literally)

Want to know some dreamers like me, who stop at nothing and keep at it looking forward to the next cappuccino that heats the conversation, next corny movie dialogue that gets us cracking, next prayer that’s pure and gives goosebumps…if you think you have what it takes to hold a decent conversation and share a relationship that does not need labels, you are welcome to message me.

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