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Kajang, Malaysia



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<3 High Fashion! I'm a YouTube singer.

<3 Dedicated Directioner and Rusher.

Do get over the top sometimes. That's what people call me the chatterbox and the girl's next door.
* Loves being a weirdo cause I'm already a weird person.
* You know I <3 ANTM, Amazing Race Asia, American Idol, JMCA.
* Really choosy when comes to food.
* A loud person because voice is my best projection.
* Loves my lola & Philippines Dried Mangoes :)
* Never ever eaten ice-cream in my entire life.
* Never play with toys when I was little especially Barbie dolls.
* Doesn't thinks that Barney is a retarded dinosaur cause I grown up watching it but I prefer Baby Bop. xD
* Is a music composer student & inspired by all recording artists.
* A student in the day and a rockstar at night.
* Used to sleep late & wake up late. A noctural person.
* Loves to go on a vacation & on board. / can't live without my lappie.
* But hates jet lag. Jet lag sucks. It's just like being hungover.
* Plays piano, guitar and recorder.
* Loves taking photographs cause that's what bloggers do.
* Loves to predict stuffs. ( randomly ) & have great estimation. *winks*
-------------------------GUESS I'M DONE---------------------

Work and Education:

  • Kuala Lumpur Infrastructure University College

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