Male Takahito

Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan




Founded Tonchidot in 2008 with a vision to make the real world a truly social space.

Targeting a worldwide audience, presented "Sekai Camera" at TechCrunch 50 in Sep 2008 , and "domo" at LAUNCH in Mar 2011, both in San Francisco.

"Sekai Camera" brings a new form
of social networking through AR (augmented reality), and "domo" a new "pre-social" service that lets people visualize their own interests and facilitate communication.

Ever-passionately spearheading Tonchidot in its global quest to create the future of Mobile Networking.

Work and Education:

  • Tonchidot · Chief Marketing Officer · Tokyo · Jul 2008 to present · Augment Everything in the World
  • Ritsumeikan University · Class of 1987

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