Male Jeffrey

Quezon City, Philippines




May my prayer like incense rise before You
i'M lifting up my hands as sacrifice
Oh Lord Jesus turn Your eyes upon me
For I know there is mercy in Your sight

My real name is Jeffrey C. Caman, my friends call me "Jeff"...I'm a soft hearted guy who will talk your mind out. I can light a room up with my smile, and make you laugh with my stories and jokes... I'm a true and honest, i will speak my mind and I can help you out with problems that you have. I am outgoing and yet i am deep. I may strike you as a snob but I am friendly and accommodating. I enjoy the simplest things in life but it wouldn't hurt to experience a little extravagance. Id likes to be surrounded with friends most of the time, have fun and not think of worries! I may not be a perfect person you would meet in the streets, but I do believe that when it comes to love, I thank God had given me enough experience to know it and cherish it....I have so much love to give as your friend.. It is ok to explore every person you meet but be careful not to make yourself enjoy playing with everybody, you might realize one day that you enjoy so much that you miss choosing the right one...and find yourself too old to start again...;-)<br /> i am very open minded. i love to have lots friends, a sweet friend you can love and adore:)... <br /> i am very mysterious.<br /> i am unpredictable :P<br /> and i am weird<br /> AND LAST I AM REAL

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