Female Cristina

Dasmariñas, Cavite




Travel + Food Trip :)

Curves + Curls = SUPER SEXY! hahahhaa ;p
I love sweets except dark chocolate!!! I don't drink too much of Coke but I love Sprite! I don't prefer spaghetti but I always crave for Carbonara...KURIPOT! Nervous freak!! CONSERVATIVE but wild... i have my own principles to follow..never been absent and late in class for six years straight from grade 5 to fourth year high school!(achievement ko iyan!!! hahaha) college attendance for me doesn't matter anymore..hahaha..lastly i'm a loyal student to my alma mater la salle...yeah!..always a Lasallian...i'm trying hard to have all the money in the world if it's possible!!! ( in an honest way).. cge hala! KURAKOT!!!

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