Male Peter

Bangkok, Thailand



Language: English

YOOOOO! Its me here and I'm ready to meet new people just give me a shout it and i will respond. PEACE OUT!

I like to feel important, i also like to be noticed but not in such an obvious way. I'm proud of myself and i do show it, but i dont show it all the time because it only makes me look stupid when i shouldnt. I like to have as many friends as i can, because anyone without friends has a problem, if you dont know, im telling you. I enjoy playing sports, football(British), basketball( somehow), tennis, hockey and all other stuff. Its not for me to say but i think im a pretty cool person. Anyone can add me, i like to meet new people but u have to make a good impression on me for me to like u after i do add u. CHEERS and REMEMBER TO SMILE :):):):):):):)))

Work and Education:

  • Assumption University · Class of 2014
  • trintiyinternationalschool · Class of 2010
  • Trinity International School · Class of 2009
  • Trinity International School of Bangkok

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