Male Ferry

Jakarta, Indonesia




Hello everybody, here i wanna introduce a lil about myself..! i'm usually called Ferry by friends, but more called E'i by family and close relatives! I like making friends with anyone as long as they don't bother my personal life. but i like sharing with people to tell each other about story that i've undergone!

I'm open-minded enough to accept anything being! and I like helping people as i can, if i can't.. yeah what can i say? i'll probably give the suggestion only, coz no problem that can't be solved!
I'm laid-back as well, down to earth, and its easily for me to get close with anyone..! coz I like talking! but there is a few people tell that i'm slightly arrogant!, it's just the way i look like i guess, not me in my heart and the real!

I think, that's all I can tel you about me!

Work and Education:

  • Garuda Indonesia Airlines

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