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Why there's a lot of people whose hobby is to judge people which they only know the faces not the stories which really define one's personality..

Alexandra-- one have told me that this
name really makes me look strong and ancient..

My friends, used to call me "alex"..
Very manly which i really like..

It is summer when I was born, year
1993, which made me 19 years old

My mother gave me a nickname "ara",
don't know where she got it so i made a conclusion myself.. Maybe it's from
my name A-lexand-RA=ARA.. (hoho)

LIKes: romantic, scifi , comedy movies
Gentlemen, sour salty
DISlikes: horror brutal movies, sweets, plastics,ugly backstabber

When i was a kid.. I really love to play outside games.. I am quite adventurous.. But when i stepped on grade 3 and I (unfortunately) became sec 1, I decided not to play anymore cuz i hav to study harder.. I cried when I became sec1..

Anyways.. Moving on..
Really I can say that I am an ugly duckling which turn out to be a beautiful swan..:)) ( really!)
On a 1st yr high.. At Malinta Nat'l High,I had my first "courter" (manliligaw ba--haha) Christian Chua is his name.. (di naging kami--nag-iinarte kc aq) hahaha

2nd yr, I need to transfer at bignay nat'l high cuz we are bein relocated.. (riles ng tren)
There I've started a new life.. Started to create my name.. And a new brand of ALEXANDRA.. (haha--drama)

I've got a lot of enemies.. And friends as well.. Friends whom I will cherish forever and ever!
Also, I had ny first LOVE here at BNHS.. Andrew Paolo Salud is the name who made my heart feels loved and made it quite broken.. Which made my whole highschool life very memorable and interesting..
And there , I graduated with honour and tears in my eyes ..And I just said.. "goodbye for now, but im gonna come back to fulfill my promise"

And there comes the COLLEGE..
Many have told me that they more enjoyed highschool than college..(maybe it's because of the feasibility projects and thesis thing-haha)
I am currently taking up BS electrical engineering @ pamantasan ng lungsod ng valenzuela . Why.? (secret) hhahaa
My world got advanced, differentiated, integrated, mathematicised, strengthen, machined, designed, powered, electrified -- twisted..
Phew... (o_O)

Well I just hope..
Everything would just turn out fine..
And get you updated guys.. As soon as possible..

Thanks for reading :)

Work and Education:

  • Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Valenzuela · Class of 2009
  • BNHS · Class of 2007
  • pamantasang lungsod ng valenzuela

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