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Quezon City, Philippines





1. Please close and lock the main door and your bedroom door GENTLY.
2. Observe cleanliness, peace and harmonious relationship at all times. Avoid drinking and smoking. These vices are strictly prohibited here.
3. Please MINIMIZE the VOLUME of your TV and radio sets, etc.. Everybody wants to get a good, peaceful and comfortable rest. Be considerate.
4. Please use your own key when entering our house. Refrain from knocking at the main door. Everybody is busy.
5. As respect to other tenants, please FLUSH THE TOILET BOWL. CLEAN IT AS YOU GO.
6. Refrain from washing your clothes inside the bathroom during rush hours.
7. Refrain from leaving your used plates, glasses, etc. on the sink. Wash them immediately.
8. Please conserve water. Use a glass when brushing your teeth and tabo when washing tour face.
9. Please put off the lights in the kitchen, bathroom, sala and entrance areas when not in use esp. during night time.
10. Please dispose your garbage in the garbage cart downstairs provided by the maintenance crew. It should not be placed in the laundry area.
11. Please pay your bills on time. Water bill is paid every 15th, electric bill is paid on the 30th of the month.
12. Tenants must pay 1 month advance and one (1) per month deposit. Deposit is consumable but not refundable.
13. Tenants must pay P1,000.00 for the electric bill deposit and for the water bill deposit.
Any violation of these house rules thereof shall be considered violation of agreement.
And ground for the termination of the rental contact.

Work and Education:

  • Word of Hope Christian Family Church · Missionary Work · present to present
  • Wespark Realty · Property Consultant · Quezon City · present to present · Works in a real estate company.

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