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"When your Value Increases..Don't forget to stay Humble.. REMEMBER: Coins make Loud Noises.. Paper Bills are always Silent..

Arwen Tio / Weng is a mix Chinese,Spanish and Philippine blood ( Born 28th of July 1984,Obando,Bulacan.) Advertising Consultant,Part time Model and Athlete.She is niece of a known business tycoon in the Philippines who manufacture most of the Plastic Product not only in RP but abroad. 3rd among the 5 siblings in her family, Weng decided to pursue her career as an Advertising Consultant abroad and got her break as part of the Advertising and marketing division of Panasonic Middle East for more than 3 years then decided to transfer to Bangkok, Thailand for a different career path.She also got a chance to be a part time Model but didn't push on this since she wanted a more stable career.

Weng studied at the Lyceum of the Philippines under Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication Major in Advertising, also had a chance to attend business summit in different parts of the Globe that definitely enhanced her skill in this field. Currently, she is working in the Philippines,she decided to go back last 2009 but not to work, everything that's happened was totally unplanned. She started humbly in Stream Global Services and in a matter of 4 months she was promoted as a Supervisor. She stayed for a good 2 years with the company then 2011 she decided to go back in the middle east to seek new challenge there..

September 2011,she had a part time job as Assistant Retail Manager in a British company base in Muscat. It was one of the perfect thing that ever happened to her life.. Perfect job with even lesser stress.. perfect Boss who is always ready to back her up.. they became very close friends to.. a simple and quiet life.. but as the song says "Some good Things never last" The partnership ended December 2011..

April 2012 a new journey was presented to her by a German company based in Philippines. She started her career as a communications coach at Arvato Bertelsmann.

Work and Education:

  • Language Link London · Class of 2012
  • Lyceum of the Philippines University, Manila · Class of 2005

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