Male Albert

Serpong, Jawa Barat, Indonesia



Language: Bahasa Indonesia, English, 中文

A college drop out who make a living from trolling the Internet.

Yanik Silver: Albert Steven always had the desire from his early childhood to “do something more”. While his mother consistently reminded him that he must make his own way, she also encouraged him to take the ‘safer’ path. Albert finally relented and enrolled in college. With nothing in the bank aside from his tuition money, he decided to take a huge risk and invest part of it to launch his business. His risk paid off as now his company has grown to 17 outsourced employees and grosses in the low to mid five figures per month. Albert is still continuing his studies as he runs his business part time.

Featured by Mark Victor Hansen and Robert Allen in Cash in a Flash Book as one of the Screaming Eagles!

Michael Dunlop: Albert Steven who is a affiliate marketer and seems a very intelligent young man! He is very switched on and has shared with some of us other young entrepreneurs his tactics for affiliate marketing, hopefully I will get the chance to work with him real soon!

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