Female Uyên

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam



Language: English, Français

"I don't care what the people talk about me. I do what I like"
"Don't wait for the perfect moment...Take the moment and make it perfect"
My buddies, u should remember one thing: If the life doesnt bring HAPPINESS to u, it doesnt mean anything. Coz u can create ur own HAPPINESS.
Good luck to u!
P/s: If u think i hate u. Ok lets think so. Thats ur thought - A thief knows a thief as a wolf knows a wolf.

Work and Education:

  • SIFE RMIT Vietnam - Saigon South campus · present to present
  • THPT Long Xuyen
  • Long Xuyen
  • THPT Long Xuyên
  • RMIT International University, Vietnam

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