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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia




good thing always happens and someday it will end so enjoy it as long as you can.

i am also link to tweeter. My area of interested is in money, health and property and a fun life style.

I like the ideal of working hard to create a system and let the system do the predictable.
i choose to daily look for challenges and get paid for solving problems in all the above .

In money there is a devil in it if it is not properly tame. I would rather have the money n tame it then not have it.
in health if not consistent taken care we will lost it . we can have it but we cant keep it.

Properties is inflation prove and one of the only place that we can leverage on people money. But this is not for everyone . it need passion.

working on my passion and focusing i shall develop to be an authority in the areas of health,properties and passive income.

i am sincerely hoping to build a network of friends who are like minded. We need stand on each other shoulder to get to the next level. Everyone gain in a network. if you are in those area of my interested you are one of my network. meaning you are one of the friends i have not met. i promise u will like yourself more because we have met.

Work and Education:

  • Enagic · present to present

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