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► About Me
- I love to travel because I love to meet people from other cultures. There's so much we can learn from each other!

► My Hobbies
- I love to travel (of course), cook, eat good food, read, write, go to music shows and galleries, and have a great conversation.

► My best travel experience
- Probably visiting the jungles and village people of Chiang-Mai, Thailand. Riding a scooter in Rome, Italy comes a close second.

Reviews by James (2)

Nobuyuki-san is an incredible guide and my wife and I were very lucky to have him so us around Tokyo. Tokyo is an amazing city, but it is a little intimidating for first-time visitors (who don't speak Japanese). With Nobu-san's help, we were able to see the many highlights of Tokyo, while also having a great companion to chat with and learn from.

Nobu-san met us at our hotel in Shinjuku to begin the tour. He took us to Golden Gai and the Hanazono Shrine, where he showed us how to properly bow at a Shinto shrine. We continued the tour in Shinjuku, passing by Omoide Yokocho and visiting the basement of the Odakyu department store, where we saw amazing food displays. Nobu-san then took us to Harajuku, where we walked down Takeshita street to ogle at the throngs of people and store displays. We also stopped by an owl cafe which was a fun and unique experience. I think it was Nobu-san's first time doing that as well :)

We walked past Omote Sando and then, getting hungry, Nobu-san found us a great lunch spot that specialized in Okonomiyaki. Without him, there was probably no way we'd find a place like that or be able to order from a completely Japanese menu, so we were lucky to have him. Afterwards, we visited Meji-jingu, which was beautiful. It was a good time to go, because November is the month where parents bring their 3 and 5 year old boys and 3 and 5 year old girls to the shrine for blessings. It was fun to see families in their kimonos all go to the shrine. We ended the tour in Akihabara, where Nobu-san took us to an electronics store as well as Mandarake. During the whole tour, Nobu-san was very informative about the things we were seeing and our questions. He was a very pleasant and enjoyable companion. We highly recommend him!

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